The first question a Collaborative asks is,  What do you think?

You gather people and tap into a collective brain before moving forward with a project. What really works with this approach is that you are really good at sorting the good ideas from the bad.  Your projects usually run on time and mostly on budget – you sometimes overspend on treats for the team!

Time frames are realistic because you have others speaking wisdom into your planning. Collaboratives’ projects are usually fun, and inevitably finish with not only a feedback and review session but also a celebration party.

Productivity Super Powers

  • You rarely become stuck in a project because you phone a friend or ask the audience.
  • You share your time and ideas willingly with others, which means your team grows in skills and confidence too.
  • Your productivity soars when you focus on your strengths and out-source your weaknesses.

Productivity Armour Chinks

  • The eclectic mix of people you naturally draw to you can be a blessing or a problem depending on your project. It can be tricky to navigate everyones’ personalities and agendas.
  • While projects generally run on time, some of the team may find that they are rushing to complete as there is a lot of time spent discussing and collaborating, rather than doing.
  • A project can be derailed when there is too much emphasis on ensuring everyone has their say. Ideas need to be filtered with the end goals in mind.

How to Supercharge your Productivity

  • Open your calendar and review your meeting schedule. Start by combining meetings where possible or shortening them. You can absolutely hold a meeting in 15 minutes. This will free up time and you won’t feel as stretched.
  • Download the Productivity Planner and print a heap of My Meetings pages. Email your team members a link to download their own copy so you can all be on the same page.
  • Schedule the most important tasks in your calendar and add in block out time. This is a no go zone for anyone else to contact you – switch off your emails during this time to ensure you get a maximum run at your own projects.
  • When you are allocating time to a project or task add an additional 15%. This will allow you to have time to have in depth discussions but will still keep you on track to complete.

Planning Tools

  • Shared document drives and project management tools
  • Personalised planner
  • Kind-hearted
  • Caring
  • Generous
  • What-if-scenarios
  • Realistic-time-frames
  • Future projects
  • Team-player
  • Listener
  • Questioner
  • Inclusive
  • Active-participant
Collaborate Productivity Planner with Ipad


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