The first question a Creative asks is, Where is the whiteboard?

You visualise a project and are always keen to create that in some tangible way to bring others into your vision. You enjoy spending time with people but equally work well by yourself. You tend to create, then put your work out for revision. You enjoy the storm before the calm! 

For you the fun is in the idea and the planning. The details can take care of themselves – or better yet someone else can do them. You are multi-passionate with many things happening at once and enjoy the mad dash to the end.

Productivity Super Powers

  • You nourish a sense of possibility in all ideas. Your journals are filled with notes of things you can do.
  • Your ability to break the mould of current thinking means you are a great resource for change. Your adaptability enhances your creativity.
  • Your productivity soars when you focus on your strengths and out-source your weaknesses.

Productivity Armour Chinks

  • You are your own harshest judge and critic. You need to ensure this doesn’t stall your progress.
  • You can set such an exhausting pace in your haste to get your great idea to come to life that you can sometimes lose life-work balance.
  • Your creative brain often takes you the long way round because you are wary of the use of effective processes, in case they stifle your creativity.

How to Supercharge your Productivity

  • Create a visual representation of how you spend your day, week or month. Grab a highlighter and start decluttering. Simplify the things that are not impacting your bottom line or bringing you joy. This will free up time and you won’t feel as stretched.
  • Download the Productivity Planner and use the My Sketches, My Notes and My Ideas pages to create mind maps and non-linear to do lists.
  • Schedule the most important tasks in your calendar. Make sure you also block time for your preferred creative tasks.
  • When you are allocating time to a project or task add an additional 15%. This will allow you to have time to be creative, to go off on a tangent, and to even procrastinate, but still keep you on track to complete.
  • Brainstormer
  • Mind-mapper
  • Future-focused
  • Re-aligner
  • Change-agent
  • Colourful
  • Multi-passionate
  • Ambitious
  • Curious
  • Divergent
  • Energetic
  • Imaginative
Creative Productivity Planner with Iphone and Ipad


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