The first question an Innovative asks is, What’s the plan?

The best answer for you is that there isn’t one, because it means you get to create it. You feel most productive when you take control and you drive your own ideas and agenda.  You are like a duck, all calm above water but paddling like crazy below. You are happiest with a clipboard in hand with the plan mapped out.

You may not get it right the first time but you’ll persist to make things happen.  You have the big picture firmly in your sights and a clear understanding of all the parts that make the whole. Your innovative mind will already be moving on to the next project before this one has wrapped up.

Productivity Super Powers

• You give 110% and whatever time and effort it takes to accomplish your goal.
• You have the ability to see the big picture but you also have an appreciation of the underlying details.
• Your productivity soars when you focus on your strengths and out-source your weaknesses

Productivity Armour Chinks

• You can appear impatient, particularly if someone is hindering the successful completion of whatever goal or project you are managing.
• You tend to take your time when it comes to making decisions. This can mean valuable time lost as you weigh up the pros and cons.
• You can be so driven that you sometimes lose life-work balance while you push through your to do list.

How to Supercharge your Productivity!

• Gather your calendar and do some maths on the number of hours in a week you have allocated to meet your project goals. HINT: A full week equals 168 hours and you still need to sleep and eat. Start crossing out the things that are not impacting your bottom line or bringing you joy. This will free up time and you won’t feel as stretched.
• Download the Productivity Planner and print multiple copies of My Project and My Month. Schedule the most important tasks in your calendar making sure you also block time for creative tasks and me time.
• When you are allocating time to a project or task add an additional 15%. This will allow you time to spend on some on the creative aspects of the project that you enjoy as well as innovate and problem solve as you go.

Planning Tools
• Anything tech
• Personalised planner

    • Practical
    • Clipboard-warrior
    • Deep-thinker
    • Coordinator
    • Time-manager
    • Future-focused
    • Driven
    • Big picture
    • Independent
    • Capacity
    • Work-ethic
    • Entrepreneurial
Innovate Productivity Planner with Ipad


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