The first question a Proactive asks is, What’s the priority?

You get things done! You love to break projects down into steps, schedule them and make them happen. You are happiest when you are ticking things off a list. You have been known to write items onto your list just to check them off. There’s nothing wrong with that. It means you can clearly see where you’ve been and how far you have to go.

You can define a project from start to finish with no hesitation. There is very little chance you’ll miss anything because you hone in on the minutia.

Productivity Super Powers

  • You are always meticulously prepared with facts, resources and data, which means you can present a strong case for project planning.
  • You have 28 hours in your day because of your ability to establish and implement efficient procedures and processes.
  • Your productivity soars when you focus on your strengths and out-source your weaknesses.

Productivity Armour Chinks

  • Your desire to get the project done correctly and efficiently means you can find it challenging if the project brief has to change.
  • Your ability to work independently often delays you reaching out to others for assistance.
  • Your focus on the detail means the big picture can sometimes take a back stage.

How to Supercharge your Productivity!

  • Create a time and motion study of how you spend your day, week or month. Grab a highlighter and start decluttering. Simplify the things that are not impacting your bottom line or bringing you joy. This will free up time and you won’t feel as stretched.
  • Download the Productivity Planner and use the My Project page to map out a project task by task. If this is something that is repeated, turn it into an electronic list, into a manual, or into a template, so it can be used and tweaked, project after project.
  • Schedule some downtime in your calendar to make sure you don’t burn out with your goal-oriented focus. Allocate a night to see a  movie and make sure you invite a friend. Switch your computer and phone off and go.
  • When you are allocating time to a project or task add an additional 15%. This will allow you to not only properly evaluate a project before racing on to the next but also creates space for you to re-prioritise if a project direction changes.

Productivity Tools

  • App : To do list 
  • Lined paper and pens
  • List-maker
  • Logical
  • Delegator
  • Scheduled
  • System-improver
  • Conscientious
  • Detail-focused
  • Problem-solver
  • Goal-oriented
  • Consistent
  • Decisive
  • Re-director
Proactive Productivity Planner with Ipad


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