The Refunds Policy applies to the e-Courses available on the website and is to be read together with our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions Policy which govern Tamar Bostock (Sole trader) relationship with you in connection with this Site. We operate in accordance with Australian Competition and Consumer Law.

If you work through the program including the worksheets in the workbook and you are not totally happy with this e-Product you can cancel your e-Product membership within 30 days of your payment and receive a refund, minus a 10% admin fee of the full purchase price to financial administration costs.

You must demonstrate that you have participated in the e-Product by completing at least three worksheets before requesting a cancellation of your membership and refund.

You request for cancellation of your e-Product membership must be in writing by notifying [email protected] within 30 days from the purchase date including your completed worksheets.

We will reply by email within 2 business days to inform you whether your request for cancellation and a refund has been approved.  If your request is approved, an electronic refund will be issued within 7 working days from date of approval.

For any questions or queries please contact

[email protected]

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