Why hire a project strategist?

‘I know what I want to do. I even sort of know how to get there, sort of – but for the life of me I can’t seem to make it work, to make it all come together. There are just so many moving parts, so much to think about, that I don’t know where to start. I feel I can’t see the forest for the trees! If only I had some direction, some support, I know I can do this.’

Sound familiar?

There is a way, a relatively easy way, to get off that merry-go-round, and no it’s not to throw the towel in and walk away.

You need a project strategist.

A project strategist takes your ideas, your goals, and works through them to create and put in place a clear, jargon free, step-by-step process, to ensure they come to fruition. 

How do I know I need a project strategist?

If you find yourself answering yes to one or more of these questions then you need a project strategist.

  1. Are you struggling to work out what the next step is?
  2. Do you feel overwhelmed?
  3. Do you need accountability?
  4. Do you lack confidence?
  5. Do you want to learn new skills?

What does a project strategist actually do? 

In some aspects they are very similar to a business strategist and let’s face it many projects are business related in some shape or form. But don’t let the term ‘business’ put you off – a project strategist is for everyone, no matter what stage you are at or what level of expertise you have.

 They will:

  • Define your priorities – it’s so easy in the hustle and bustle of trying to get things to work, to lose sight of the bigger picture.
  • Provide you with new ideas, processes and a direction – saving you time and money.
  • Act as your own ‘secret shopper’ – by providing you with an audit of the good, the ordinary and the downright ugly. It’s so easy to get too close to your project that you miss the important details or you fail to be objective.
  • Be your biggest cheerleader – they want you to succeed as much as you want to. They will break your project down into easy to follow bite size chunks, and then celebrate with you as it takes off.
  • Fill in the gaps – by regularly updating your knowledge and training in every aspect of managing and sustaining your project.

How does a project strategist work?

A project strategist will help you work faster and more efficiently than you can by yourself.  A good strategist will access your skill levels within the first consult and create a plan based on where you are currently.

For example – you have been hanging out on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram for the last few years, sharing photos of your coffee, but that doesn’t constitute a social media presence.  Such a presence is an essential component of an overall marketing strategy and needs to be carefully developed.

Simply answering your preferences to the following sets of words will give a good project strategist an excellent insight into how to move you forward.

  • Words or pictures
  • Phone or computer
  • Mac or android
  • Snapchat or Instagram

How do I know if I can afford a project strategist?

‘I have to put my limited funds into one of the many other moving pieces that form my project.’ While that may be true, you must look at the big picture, the desired end result, the best bang for your buck! Here is where the value of a project strategist lies…

They will provide clarity for the best return on your TIME investment. The financial outlay should not dominate your thinking if you want success – every hour you spend wandering down the garden path heading in the wrong direct is an hour less of heading in the right direction. Not only are you off track, you then have to turn around and head back too!

 Not convinced – then here are some options:

 – You can try it out for just one session or

 – for a short period of time or

 – even for just one aspect of your project.

What should I expect from a project strategist?

  • To listen carefully and question everything
  • To maximise your strengths and minimise your weaknesses
  • To hold you accountable
  • To provide open, honest, direct feedback delivered kindly but constructively
  • To clearly define the what, how and why and provide measurable goals

 How do I know if I am ready to work with a project strategist?

You must be prepared to:

Do the work – when tasks are allocated, get on and do them, meet the deadlines and go above and beyond. 

Ask for help if you need it – make sure you have had a good go yourself before throwing your hands up and saying, ‘I can’t do this.’

Trust in the process – we all like to think that our situation is unique, but chances are your strategist has seen some variation of what you are trying to achieve.

So where to from here?

You have three choices:

  • Ignore the issues and continue along the way you are right now.
  • Spend a crazy amount of time googling and trying to sort them out by yourself  OR
  • Book in for a free no obligation chat. During our session you can tell me what you need actioned and I will get you headed in the right direction so you will be able to see the forest for the trees!

Have you downloaded your free project blueprint?

Have you booked in for your free no obligation chat

 Talk soon!

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