10 free tools your business needs

When you are first getting started it can be tricky trying to make ends meet. You spend your time searching for free things so you can focus on only paying for the tech you have to.

Quite often though you find that free is not necessarily good enough!

As a result I am sharing all my favourite ten FREE apps and resources that I recommend to businesses to get up and running.

Later: Later is awesome for scheduling your social media. The free plan lets you schedule 30 posts per platform a month. For many businesses this is plenty. The interface is super simple to use and looks good as well. Here is a link

Mailchimp: I have used Mailchimp for over a decade in many different businesses including my own, and while there are lots of newer platforms out there I still find it very intuitive with plenty of functionality. The team at Mailchimp are constantly bringing in new features. Even if you are on their free package you still have access to automations and landing pages. Here is a link

Trello: I liken Trello to planning management in ‘post it’ mode. If you are visual and you like lists, you will love Trello. I use Trello to manage my:

  • Personal life
  • Work life
  • Client projects
  • Social media
  • Planning

Anyone who works with me will know it’s the first platform I will introduce you to – and it’s totally free! Here is a link

Canva:  While I use the Adobe suite I still utilise Canva for both client work and my own work. There is simplicity in how quickly you can create a graphic that is super professional without a whole lot of learning curve. If you want to have a brand palette loaded in, you will have to buy the paid version, but once again you can get by without it for quite some time. Here is a link

Bloglovin: As an avid reader of blogs it can be hard to keep up to date. While we are constantly served up chunks of content via social media, Instagram and Facebook are still the places to go for good detailed content. Using a service like Bloglovin allows you to keep up to date quickly with the blog you love.  My recommendation would be to keep your list small and segment into work and fun.  My work blogs keep me current with trends and my fun blogs are just for that! Here is a link

Wunderlist: The number of times I go to write something on a list when I am out and about is crazy.  I used to have multiple lists in my phone all over the place. While I am a die hard paper  girl as well I know that a  tech solution can be super beneficial.  Wunderlist is so easy to use. I keep it very simple and have created a list for each business I own or work with. As well as that I include the day to day items. I simply add in whatever it is I need to action. If there’s a due date I’ll pop that in too. I liken it to my a brain dump spot.  I like it because its quick and easy and functions basically the same way as a pen and paper cross it off your list does. Here is a link

Unfold: I love unfold for Instgram stories. It’s a minimalist look and it has  become a fast favourite. One of the best parts of unfold is that you can upload video into the templates for your instastories so you have some control  over how they are sized.  There are some in app purchases but you can totally get by with just the free templates. Here is a link

Splice: Splice allows you to make professional videos on your phone or iPad using both videos and photos that you have captured on your phone.   Just tap to trim clips, adjust transitions,  or add slow motion. It automatically sync your video to the beat of the music you  choose.  Easy to share on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. The key feature I like is that it makes editing easy via your phone rather than having to move to a desktop. Here is a link

Typeform: If you need to send out a form or questionnaire to clients then Typeform is perfect. You can create unlimited forms even on the free version.  Add in up to 10 questions and have up to 100 responses.  If you wish to add in conditional questions then you will need to upgrade to the paid plan but the free version is a great way to get started. I use it to gather testimonials and feedback.  I also used to use it for my qualifying sessions until I moved to a paid CRM system. Here is a link

Zoom: I have used a number of different paid webinar platforms over the years and the free version of zoom is equally as good if not better than most. The free version allows you to host meetings unlimited 1:1 meetings and up to 40 minutes for group meetings. No confusing downloads either. It’s simple to use all you need is a browser. Perfect for screen sharing for 1:1 teaching as well. Here is a link

So there you have it 10 free tools that can help move your business forward without costing you any money. Naturally once you work out that you like the tool, you can review the paid features and upgrade.

Where to from here?

Any of your favourites not make the list? Let me know and I’ll review and add them.

Talk soon.

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